When you need to transform your space into something of value and beauty, talk to an experienced remodeling contractor from Orion Property Professionals LLC. We offer office and home remodeling services throughout southern Maine. 


Interior or exterior, we can refresh it all.


We’ll work with you to determine the perfect colors, finishes, and durability so your walls have a sharp look that lasts, both inside and out. 

paint original.JPG

A simple refinish or total overhaul, we’ll get it done right.


We’ll go over the pros and cons of all the various wood types, stains, and treatments so you’ll be able to walk easy for many years to come.


Kitchens or bathrooms, patio or living room – it’s all fair game.


Let your imagination run wild! (We’ll handle the nitty gritty.)

remodel finish.jpg



It all started when…

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